Information About During your Hearing In The Courtroom

Introducing yourself

At the start of your listening to, the Registrar will announce the Queen’s choose and all gift can be requested to face because the choose enters. When your case is referred to as, you must introduce yourself, after the prosecutor has achieved so.

Speaking in courtroom docket

  • It is vital which you talk loudly, slowly and truly in courtroom docket. You need humans so that you can effortlessly pay attention and apprehend what you’re saying.
  • You aren’t predicted to understand prison phrases so use simple, non-prison language as lots as feasible. It’s additionally a very good concept to preserve your sentences as quick as feasible. If you do now no longer apprehend a time period utilized in courtroom docket you could ask the choose to provide an explanation for the time period while it’s far your flip to talk.
  • Acceptable language is predicted in courtroom docket in any respect times. It is vital now no longer to swear or use offensive language in courtroom docket.
  • You can talk English or Māori in courtroom docket. If you would love to talk Māori at some stage in your intending you’ve got got to finish a Notice of Intention to Speak Māori and report it with the courtroom docket at the least 10 operating days earlier than the scheduled listening to.
  • If you may want an interpreter on your listening to, you have to inform the courtroom docket as quickly as feasible and at the least 10 operating days earlier than you seem in courtroom docket. More statistics approximately interpreter offerings is furnished below.


Timeliness is critical to the clean strolling of the courtroom docket. Please arrive at courtroom docket on time, and make sure to go back from courtroom docket breaks on time.

It is vital to act courteously in any respect times, such as to the prosecutor and prosecution witnesses.

Do now no longer interrupt while different events are speaking, unless (on prison grounds) you item to a query being requested or the manner a query is requested of a witness. If you want to item, quietly stand to signify this objection. Note that you may have an possibility to reply after the alternative celebration is completed speaking.

You must stand on every occasion you’re speaking, or being spoken to, in courtroom docket.

Only one individual must be status at a time.

All humans in courtroom docket are predicted to reveal appreciate for courtroom docket processes. This consists of now no longer consuming or consuming in courtroom docket. There also are limits on the usage of digital gadgets in courts. Please take a look at with the courtroom docket taker approximately the usage of texting and emailing.

It is vital now no longer to:

  • insult a judicial officer, registrar, officer of the courtroom docket (such as the prosecutor), juror or any witness;
  • interrupt court cases of a courtroom docket;
  • in any other case misbehave in courtroom docket;
  • disobey any order or path of the courtroom docket at some stage in your case.

Any of those behaviours may be known as contempt of courtroom docket and there may be severe consequences for those styles of actions.

Tips for interacting with judges

You can be required to face on every occasion the choose enters or leaves the courtroom.

A choose of the High Court have to be addressed as Your Honour, Sir (male) or Ma’am (female). Associate judges have to be referred to as Sir (male) or Ma’am (female).

If you need to consult every other choose:

  • a choose of the High Court, Court of Appeal or Supreme Court is known as Justice [Surname]
  • a choose of the District Court is known as Judge [Surname]

Anyone addressing a choose, or being spoken to through a choose, must stand up.

Don’t interrupt while the choose is speaking.

It is usually recommended which you write down any commands given to you through a choose.

Tips for interacting with the jury

  • You must stand to reveal appreciate for the contributors of the jury after they input or depart the courtroom.
  • Refer to the Jury as “The Jury” or, while addressing them, as “Members of the Jury”.

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